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Start your career in permanent makeup! We give you the skills, knowledge, and resources for you to become a successful permanent makeup artist.

Before you finish reading this, our students would have just booked another client worth $500-$700 on average. There is just so much opportunity in this industry.

Our 100 Hour Fundamental Course will prepare and give you the resources you need to become a permanent makeup artist. If you reside in New Jersey, this course is necessary to work legally. 


I personally spent years taking many courses to learn the ins and outs of permanent makeup because I never felt like one course was good enough.

After years of working on clients, and discovering how life changing this industry can be, I wanted to share it with others and help them avoid the mistakes I made.

I have been in your shoes, wanting a change in my life and wondered if I can do this for a living.. trust me when I say, YES, YOU CAN!

This industry has allowed me to take control of my schedule, have maximum flexibility while I make a stable income and I can still take care of my family! I know it sounds too good to be true, but it is!!!

That is why I am passionate about helping others create a life they will love, through permanent makeup. If I can do it, so can YOU!

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Instead of spending the next year looking at different courses and spending thousands $$$ to hopefully learn everything you need to know.  You could take one course that will show you not only the design side of permanent makeup, but the business and science behind it as well.

Even with no prior knowledge or artistic skill we teach you how you can be a successful permanent makeup artist with both money and time!

With this knowledge, you'll be able to:

Start A Permanent Makeup Business

Get Comfortable and Confident Working On Clients

Offer 3 Different Services (Eyebrows, Eyeliner, and Lips)

Charge $$$$ What You Are Worth

Pick Your Hours

Create A New Life

Are You Ready To Change Your Life?

Permanent Makeup has been pretty popular over the last few years and is only growing. You might have even done it yourself or at least heard of someone who did. Pretty soon, it is going to be a common phrase among your friends.

Why? Because it actually works! People save money, time, and most importantly they feel better about themselves. 

Help yourself, and others, by becoming a permanent makeup artist!

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By now, you are probably wondering how you can sign up, become a PMU artist, and create the life you have always wanted to live.

Let me tell you it is easier than you think, with the proper training.

The days of spending 40+ hours to make $1000 are over, now all it takes is 2 bookings! 

With our 100 Hour Fundamental Course, you will have everything you need to walk out of training a successful PMU Artist. 

You will learn 3 amazing services that you will charge $500+ for:

Eyebrow Tattoo (soft powder & ombre shading) will allow you to design and create perfect eyebrows for your clients

Eyeliner Tattoo will allow you how to give your clients beautiful eyeliner

Lip Blush will allow you to offer your clients beautiful lip colors

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The best part is these services will not only change your life, but your clients life as well.

You've Probably Noticed...

Permanent Makeup has been pretty popular over the last few years and is only growing. You might have even done it yourself or at least heard of someone who did. Pretty soon, it is going to be a common phrase among your friends.

Why? Because it actually works! People save money, time, and most importantly they feel better about themselves. 

Help yourself, and others, by becoming a permanent makeup artist!

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At Hudson Beauty Bar, we do Permanent Makeup differently! 

We focus on what actually works for Permanent Makeup Artists, and how to do everything the best way for you, and your clients.

The last thing we would ever want is to have our students feel unsupported, so we make sure our students get individual attention during our training sessions. 

We find individual attention is easier with smaller classes, so you never have to worry about our classes being crowded.

In 100 Hour Fundamental Course you’ll see how to:

Read Your Clients Face For The Best Color & Design

Talk To Your Clients and What Questions To Ask

Price Your Services Correctly

Get Comfortable and Confident Working On Clients

Get Your First Clients

Grow Your PMU Business

We’ve worked hard to create a Permanent Makeup course that will leave you with all the answers. No other Training Course in New York or New Jersey will show you everything you need to know to become a successful business and artist.  

Plus, you are going to have us to help you every step of the way. Whenever you have any questions we are here to help! 

Most likely, you will be one of the only artists in your area who knows what you know, and can offer more than just one service.

Are you ready to become one of the most successful artists in your area?!

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Not The Same Old Educational Course...

When I first started in this industry I was not happy with what I learned. I felt like everything was outdated, and there were better techniques out there. I did not have the confidence to go out on work with clients.

I ended up taking additional courses until I felt ready to take on clients. The process sucked, and I want to spare you from that same experience.

In this 100 Hour Fundamental PMU Course, we include all the tools, resources, and information you need that were not directly given to me when I started.

You'll leave with skills, knowledge, and confidence to start your new career in permanent makeup!

Plus, you will get me! I am always here to answer any questions you have now and in the future. 

There Are A Few Things You Need To Know...

No Training Course can get you to be a successful permanent makeup artist overnight. It takes some time and work to get to the top. Anyone who tells you differently is just trying to take your money.

But you will have help to get there. We are always here to answer any questions! 

That’s what makes 100 Hour Fundamental Course the best Educational Course for Permanent Makeup Artists. We don’t leave you stranded after you are done!

Are You Ready To Change Your Life?

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What's Inside...

100 Hour Fundamental Course covers everything you need to know to get the most out of Permanent Makeup. 

Starter Kit ($899)

Marketing 101 ($799)

Work On Live Models

Training in Eyebrows, Eyeliner, and Lip Tattoos

Exclusive Discounts on Supplies

Lifetime Support

Permanent Makeup Artists don't have to be experts in everything to succeed, they just have to have access to the best information, resources, and community.

All you have to do to get results is show up and do the work! Then, sooner than you expect, you will be a successful permanent makeup artist with the time and money you have always wanted.

In Only 6 Days, You'll Learn Everything You Need To Know

We walk you through every step of every service!

This is the best complete Permanent Makeup Training Course you’ll find on the East Coast. 

But because we want to set you up for success,  we’re throwing in some amazing bonuses that will help increase your results!

When you sign up today, you’re going to get:

BONUS #1: Lifetime Support

Even after you graduate you are welcome to ask questions, we will try to help you in any way we can. 

BONUS #2: Future Community

You will gain access to our future PMU Artist Community that we are developing to help keep all of us connected and helping each other. 

BONUS #3: Open Door Policy

You are always welcome to come to practice, or observe demonstrations by instructors at any time! We encourage you to come back so you can stay inspired and motivated. Practice is key!

BONUS #4: Refresher Course

When you are coming into this field blind, the lecture part can sound so foreign. That’s why we welcome you back to take a refresher course for no additional cost! You will understand the lecture more after working hands on.

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What Everyone Is Saying About The Hudson Beauty Bar 100 Hour Fundamental Course:

Stop spending long hours working for someone else and start your permanent makeup career!

Now that you’ve seen what 100 Hour Fundamental Course has done for other students

Imagine what it would be like to work a few hours a day but still make $1000+!

Our 100 Hour Fundamental Course isn’t for everyone and we can’t promise you any results until you do the work, so if you’re the type of person who won’t invest and practice the techniques, this isn’t the path for you.

BUT, if you can practice at home and follow our guidance, you will succeed! 

Our next training days are coming up soon!

We are only able to accept 3-5 students per training, so our spots are limited each month. 

Don’t wait... start your new career today!

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